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Part of all profits from Jenny Hiser's work contributes to "Painting Days" at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Every purchase helps contribute to art supplies, and weekly travel expenses to/from.  Currently, Jen spends time with the kids one day each week, doing art and other activities. runs an event approx. every 3 months.  With your help, she can fund even more of these events throughout the year.  The kids absolutely  love them!  They are so excited to not only get a break from their hospital bed and have some fun, but to create something amazing that they get to keep and be proud of. 


Jen's goal is to host as many of these events as possible!  You can help by shopping her work and spreading the word about the artist via social media and by word-of-mouth.  Thank you for your interest in Jenny Hiser...and a BIG thank you to the amazing kids, parents, volunteers, and staff at Lurie Children's Hospital for contributing to this wonderful experience!  Here's to many more!!

Here are some pics of previous events that the awesome staff at Lurie's were kind enough to send...

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