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Jenny Hiser is a Chicago-based urban lifestyle artist. She specializes in custom furniture, paintings, skate decks, and murals.  Her work is inspired by color, street art, and music. She uses a combination of aerosol paint, acrylic, silkscreen, and 3D elements on canvas as well as on thrift-store-found pieces of furniture. 


Her work has been showcased on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, at a Joe Maddon Cubs Event, and in hundreds of homes across the country and overseas. Currently, a mural of hers can be found on display at Camp One Step's headquarters in Chicago. Her painted heart for the CAC's Healing Heart's Campaign can be found outside the WT Group in Hoffman Estates, IL. Most recently, she painted a garage door mural for The12, Chicago's newest condo development located in downtown Chicago. 


Available works are for sale in her shop, and also at Chicago Truborn.  

Thank you for your interest, and also for your support.

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